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Building on a strong legacy of efficient, effective regulation

The Northern Pipeline Agency (Agency) has a strong track record in the regulation of the Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline (AHGP). From 1978 to 1982, the Agency oversaw the planning and construction of the Canadian portion of the “Pre-Build” (Stage One) of the Foothills pipeline, from Caroline, Alberta to the Canada-U.S. border in Saskatchewan and British Columbia (B.C.). At the same time, the Agency was hard at work in the Yukon and northern B.C., developing extensive terms and conditions for the northern section of the route (Stage Two), from the Yukon-Alaska border near Beaver Creek to the Alberta-B.C. border near Boundary Lake.

Since the Pre-Build facilities came into operation, the Agency has continued to have regulatory responsibilities and mandate for AHGP. The Agency was responsible for regulatory oversight of five expansions of the Pre-Build portion between 1988 and 1998, the most recent being the construction of over 100 kilometres of pipeline looping in 1998.

The Northern Pipeline Act (Act) specifically requires the Agency to take into account the interests of Aboriginal peoples along the pipeline corridor. As such, the Mair inquiry was commissioned by the Agency in northern B.C. to consult with Aboriginal people on socio-economic concerns. Advisory Councils in both Yukon and northern B.C. travelled the pipeline route to provide information and gather input on the AHGP in those regions. Individuals from First Nation groups were appointed and selected as Vice-Chairs of both Councils.

The extensive information gathered in the late 1970s and early 1980s provides a strong foundation to build on as we proceed towards the second stage of the AHGP.

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