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The Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline

The Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline project is a natural gas pipeline system for transporting natural gas from Alaska’s North Slope to the lower 48 states, through Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. The pre-build, completed in 1982, currently transports gas from Western Canada to American markets in the West and the Midwest. The northern portion would connect the reserves at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska with existing Alberta infrastructure. About 1,555 km of this route would be located in northern Canada, passing through numerous communities in both Yukon and northern B.C.

Pipeline History

Learn about the history of the pipeline over the years, from the project proposal to its current state.

Past Environmental and Socio-Economic Reviews

View a diagram that illustrates the timeline of reviews for the pipeline.

Timeline of Major Events

See key events and milestones in the progress of the pipeline over the years.

Yukon Easement

Learn about the grant of easement agreement between Canada and Foothills.

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