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About The Agency

The Northern Pipeline Agency (Agency) has been the federal regulator of the Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline in Canada since the Northern Pipeline Act was passed in 1978. The Agency serves as a single window for the federal regulation of the project, consolidating regulatory functions and coordinating with other departments and levels of government to reduce duplication and streamline the regulatory process while ensuring robust environmental protection and maximization of socio-economic benefits.

Services and information

Agency's purpose

Learn about the Agency's purpose and role.

History of the Agency

Learn about the Agency's role in the pipelines progress over the years.

Operating context and key risks

Learn about the Agency's responsibilities and the challenges of their role.

Knowledge Circle

Learn about the history, major events, past assessments and the future of the pipeline.

Commissioner's message

See the Commissioner's message on the Agency's involvement in the Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline.

Fact Sheets

Find fact sheets on the Northern Pipeline Agency and the Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline project.

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